Skydiving T-Shirt, Jumpsuit – Both One Of A Kind

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Choosing A Skydiving Suit

While it may seem to the uninformed that it wouldn’t make much difference what clothing a person had on when he jumps from an airplane, in truth it makes a great deal of difference. Those with experience in this thrilling sport are well aware that a quality skydiving suit is almost as important as the parachute itself.

Many skydiving suits are custom made to fit a particular body style comfortably, since every skydiver has a unique body type. This may not seem as crucial as a parachute for the skydiver, but freefall can be greatly affected by a suit that is not, well, suitable.

There are two things in the skydiving apparel line that each diver might want to customize. The first, a skydiving suit, is a critical piece of equipment to the diver. This must be made properly, from the correct materials, and must fit a certain way to make the skydiving experience all it can be. The second item is a bit more frivolous, but individuals tend to want a unique skydiving t-shirt to commemorate their first jump or to let people know where their interests lie.

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Most experienced skydivers urge new divers not to get a skydiving suit from an online mass product source. At the very least, each individual should work with a company representative, even if online, to follow size and ordering guidelines to the letter. A bit of extra time spent at this stage will make the skydiving experience much more enjoyable later.

Skydiving suits are made of various materials. The type of skydiving/jumping each individual participates in can give some general guideline for the type of material and suit. The various fabrics will have different drag characteristics when the diver is in the air. For most skydiving suits, manufacturers use nylon, cotton, spandex and polyester.

Types Of Suits

In the world of skydiving there are two types of suits – the freeflying suit and the formation flying suit. The first are used by experienced jumpers who add some acrobatics to their freefall or even skydive headfirst during their freefall time. A different style of suit is used by competition skydivers and the recreational skydiver whose freefall is usually made in the flat (on the belly) position.

To reduce drag and allow the diver to move freely, freeflying suits are generally made of materials that are lighter than those in some other suits. These suits are usually made of a cotton and polyester blend. The second type of suit, also known as RW, might be made of more dense fabric to give a bit more lift, or more drag. These suits often have grips attached for group maneuvers and so on.

Don’t rush into purchasing a one-size skydiving suit. Take time to make this special piece of equipment your own. And while you’re at it, get that special skydiving t-shirt made to help you remember the thrills of this great sport.

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