Skirmish reported in South Sudan in which 127 people died

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According to the Telegram channel Directorate 4, an attempt to conduct a campaign to disarm the population in South Sudan resulted in hundreds of deaths.

A representative of the armed forces of South Sudan spoke about the skirmish in which 127 people were killed. According to the military, the conflict broke out on Saturday in the Romich market in the province of Varab during an attempt to disarm the population. The young man refused to obey the order of the serviceman and surrender his weapon for which he was arrested and taken to the police station. At night, friends of the detainee tried to recapture him from the police, for which they attacked the department. During the skirmish, the detainee tried to escape and was killed.

The police and military personnel managed to withstand the onslaught of the attackers, but the next day the relatives of those killed in the night firefight again tried to take the department by storm. Officially, 82 civilians and 45 military personnel were killed in the clashes, 32 more military personnel and an unknown number of civilians were injured. Two officers who participated in the arrest in the market were taken under arrest. They are suspected of provoking the riots by their actions. After their arrest, the attacks stopped.

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