Should I Purchase MeisterTask for Robust Results?

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By Madelyne

Task management software for teams is important for businesses of all kinds because it helps plan and track jobs from when they are first thought of to when they are finished.

MeisterTask is one of the best tools you can use to make your task management process and routine more efficient. 

It gives you a digital tool for managing projects, assigning roles, setting goals, and keeping track of progress in real-time. 

By digitizing processes, businesses can get a clear picture of how tasks are going, make communication easier, and make sure teams can get organized quickly. 

9 Helpful Features Of Meistertask 


This program has become popular because it is easy to use and has features that make sense. But, like any program, MeisterTask has both good and bad things about it. 

Some of its most important features, how it can be used, and its pros and cons so you can decide if it’s the right task management software for your team.

Admin Account

This feature makes it possible for users to work together well without giving up control. You can give the manager account to one or two people who will be in charge of licensing, rights, and payment.

Timeline View

The timeline view of MeisterTask makes it easy for team leaders and members to see all the jobs in a project. Managers can make, plan, and give tasks to the right person or group of people with the help of a color-coded calendar. 

Team Projects and Sharing 

One of the best things about MeisterTaskin teams is that it lets you make team projects that your team members can view and join on their own. You can decide who can work on team projects and who can’t. You can also take permission away from some team members at once. 

Time Tracking 

With MeisterTask’s built-in time tracking, you can make the most of your time. Accurately track how long it takes each member of your team to finish a job and find people who might be wasting time at work. You can learn a lot about how your team members do their work from the features. 

Roles and Permissions 

Meistertask project management option lets team leaders give project collaborators different roles. In addition to giving jobs, managers also set rights, such as admin, member, comment-only, view-only, and so on.

Task Automation

MeisterTask lets you save time by automating your chores and routines. You and your team can organize jobs that you do over and over again. This will make your process more efficient and consistent. You can also make sure that everyone knows how the work is going.  

Agile Task Management

Using Kanban-style project boards, you and your team can better plan and handle work with agile task management. Users can add links, attachments, notes, photos, files, papers, custom areas, and more. 

Statistics and Reports 

Statistics and Reports give you important information about how productive your team is and how much time is being tracked. With the click of a button, you can easily get information about jobs that are open, waiting to be done, and finished. 

Unique Fields: Set up meistertask custom fields for your tasks that will show up in each job. With this tool, team members are reminded to fill out this information.

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The Pricing Plan Of Meistertask

MeisterTask’s prices are easy to understand. It has four different cost plans that users can choose from. All of them are fairly priced and fit different businesses. These tools have different amounts and types of features and functions. 

Here are MeisterTask pricing plans:

Free$8.25 per month$20.75 per monthNo fixed price


This plan is free and good for managing tasks in a simple and fun way. After you sign up, you’ll have access to great features like customized project boards, an endless number of project users, and limited connection options. 

You can add up to three projects and up to 20 MB in meistertask basic. You can also use email help and mobile apps to your advantage. 


Pro is thought to be the best-value plan in MeisterTask because it has strong connections and can automate workflows. It has all of the same features as Basic, but it also has more. There are also infinite projects, project groups, automation, multiple checklists, WIP limits, tasks that repeat, the Agenda, and unique themes.

You can connect files up to 200 MB in size, use a searchable task folder, make informative data, add multiple team members to the platform, use a manager account, and take advantage of endless interfaces. 

The price for pro MeisterTask is $8.25 per month. 


Business costs $20.75 per month and has strong tools that are good for sharing with a group and setting up rights. You can use high-tech tools to make your work more efficient and get more done. 

These tools have a Timeline, jobs and rights, unique features, group sharing, and security limits. You can now add groups to teams and make sure that they get help by making emails and phone calls a priority. 


Since this bundle is flexible and designed to meet the particular requirements of each client, there is no set price for it. Users in Enterprise get a specialized account manager, a unique security review, SAML single sign-on, and personalized help getting started. 

MeisterTask’s Pros and Cons

Below are the meistertask pros and cons:


  • It is User-friendly.
  • You can set due dates and reminders.
  • Numerous options for customization; the app’s many features may be adjusted to suit the user’s needs.


  • The Meistertask integrations don’t always work well.
  • The free version of the Meistertask app is quite limited compared to similar apps.

Final Verdict

MeisterTask‘s easy-to-use platform for managing teams is the answer to the productivity problems faced by businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Users have access to a straightforward interface that streamlines common actions, including task monitoring, status checking, time tracking, and report creation. 


Do I need a credit card or other payment information to begin a free trial?

No! MeisterTask offers free trials, and the only time we’ll ask for payment details is if you decide to purchase the full version.

Can I add new members to my team during a free trial?

Yes! New team members may be added at any time throughout the trial period. However, your team’s trial will not be extended if you add users.

Is it possible to end a trial period?

Yes. Your team’s free trial can be canceled at any time and for any reason.