What Sets SendinBlue Apart: An In-Depth Platform Review

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By Hayley

Email marketing is still among the most effective mediums, with a return on investment of $36 for every $1 spent. Your email marketing initiatives’ success can be considerably increased using the appropriate tools.

Sendinblue is an email provider that aids Businesses in expanding their email marketing efforts. The transactional email, automation builder, and editor are just some of its services.

5 Best Features of SendinBlue


Along with sendinblue email marketing, it provides several other services, such as a sign-up form builder and free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for keeping track of leads. It also features the ability to create and distribute push alerts for websites and via SMS. Have a look at some remarkable features of sendinBlue.

1- SendinBlue As CRM

Email Marketing using CRM Sendinblue is a great option to explore if you need a Customer CRM to organize your contacts and notes. The software makes organizing and keeping track of your contacts, memos, emails, and reminders simple.

Here are a few of Sendinblue’s sales CRM’s standout features:

  • Detail the various steps your leads take and the revenue value and expected close date you expect for each.
  • Make to-dos, assign them to the appropriate people, and monitor their completion.
  • The primary dashboard overviews all completed, active, and past-due deals.
  • For this reason, it offers a free plan in perpetuity; EmailToolTester has included this CRM on its list of the top CRMs for small businesses.

It is an alternative to standard email marketing platforms because it includes a client relationship management system. In this way, you may control your email marketing database directly.

Sendinblue’s contact management tools can be used immediately when you submit your contact list to their site. You may also use this connector for Salesforce for even more customization and convenience.

2- Social Media Ads

Sendinblue assists you in creating a Facebook ad that targets new customers or retargets existing leads to boost your social media outreach and engagement.

It allows you complete control over the look and feel of your Facebook advertisement.

  • Make use of a single image or a carousel in a creative way.
  • Pick out the photo and copy for the ad.
  • To get potential customers to take action, you must determine the call to action (CTA).
  • Automated campaigns can have a duration and budget that you choose. (Sendinblue maximizes your return on investment by adjusting your daily budget.)
  • A contact list can be used, or the Facebook Lookalike Audience function can find people similar to your current clients.

In the same way that you can monitor the success of your Facebook ads using Sendinblue’s email automation, SendinBlue affiliate program, and SMS marketing features, you can do the same thing directly from Facebook using these tools.

3- Automation by Sendinblue

With Sendinblue’s marketing automation creator, you can set up automated processes that respond to your contacts’ actions on your site, in your store, and in their inboxes. Automated, personalized emails and text messages can be sent to your contacts with the help of these procedures. Some possible sendinblue integration and automation strategies are outlined below. 

  • A welcome email series tailored to the subscriber’s list is in order.
  • In response to them viewing one of your prioritized pages, you can send them a customized email on the topic (since they care).
  • Follow up with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts by suggesting more items they might like.
  • Build a lead scoring system to assign and subtract points to contacts depending on their engagement with your online and offline businesses.

4- Transactional email

The platform provides robust and adaptable transactional email functionalities for any company.

How to use sendinblue for email marketing? Emails such as order confirmations and requests to change passwords are examples of transactional emails.

It is a must-have for every company selling goods or services online, not just those with a specific focus on e-commerce.

In contrast to marketing emails, transactional emails are sent in response to specific events such as user interactions, preferences, or profile changes rather than being scheduled in advance.

Sendinblue has a library of email templates from which to choose for a polished look, or you can start from scratch and use the platform’s drag-and-drop editor or HTML email editor to make your own.

You can track open rates, clickthroughs, and other metrics in real-time using Sendinblue. By monitoring your progress this way, you may fine-tune your marketing strategies and increase your ROI.

5- Email template maker

Sendinblue’s email editor is as simple as dragging and dropping elements. There are currently over 40 available templates that may be quickly customized for any occasion.

Select one of the available sendinblue email templates  or write some HTML code from scratch to get started. The builder is easy to use because all the features are laid out.

Sendinblue’s ability to customize your brand kit is a standout feature. Logos, colors, typefaces, and social media profiles may all be retrieved using this tool. You can use them to create a unified look for your website or start from scratch.

Pricing Plan of SendinBlue

Where Sendinblue truly shines is in its pricing structure. Their pricing model draws in customers looking for the most value for their money.

Unlimited Paid Plans

Instead of charging you based on the number of contacts, it charges you based on the number of emails you send. It won’t increase your plan’s monthly fee based on the number of people in your contact list. Companies with a broad audience but low email volume can benefit greatly. 

There is no daily email restriction, reporting, and email support with the $25/month Starter package.

How much does sendinblue cost? The Business plan ($65/mo) includes unlimited users, extensive reporting, A/B testing, and complete automation. 

The Enterprise package ($1000/mo) includes premium security, advanced integrations, white-glove onboarding, and flexible pricing.

Free and Generous Package 

Almost all of the capabilities you’ll need for email marketing are available in their free package. The free plan caps email automation at 2,000 contacts and restricts users to sending 300 emails per day (about 9,000 per month). That’s a fantastic offer, and it might be all the needs of small firms with fewer than 500 contacts.

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Pros And Cons Of SendinBlue

According to customer reviews, I have concluded their remarks about Sendinblue. Following are some pros and cons of Sendinblue:


  • Sendinblue’s built-in sales CRM is available to all users, including those on the free plan. Using an ESP like MailChimp for this purpose typically costs extra.
  • Sendinblue’s email automation features are robust and customizable.
  • The Premium subscription of Sendinblue includes an additional landing page builder for making and evaluating landing pages.
  • Creating and reviewing emails can be simplified using one of the many available beautiful templates and design tools.
  • Email (contact@sendinblue.com), live chat, and phone calls have prompt reviews and responses from Sendinblue’s customer care teams.
  • When compared to its rivals, Sendinblue’s pricing is competitive.
  • Sendinblue’s free subscription includes advanced tools for managing contacts and sending automated emails.


  • There are only a few apps that can be connected to SendinBlue.
  • Some users may experience a learning curve due to how not intuitive it is.
  • Merge, and autoresponder features could be much better.
  • Our inspection has shown that Sendinblue still has a few issues with email deliverability.


Sendinblue SMS marketing function makes it simple to reach your target audience via text message, WhatsApp, and e-commerce. Its free customer relationship management system (CRM) for sales also helps. Many online businesses would not function without email marketing and for a good reason! There is still no substitute for email when it comes to direct communication, especially in the corporate world, even in this day and age of social media.