She gives birth between two bar exams

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The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting the lives of many people. Talk to this American law student who had to give birth between law exams.

A law student at Loyola University in Chicago, Brianna Hill was due to take her exams last July.

But because of the pandemic, the date has been pushed back to October 5 and 6, as the 28-year-old’s due date was scheduled for the 19 of the same month, the ABC broadcast reported. Good Morning America Friday.

Motivated, Brianna Hill started doing the remote exam, a four-part, 90-minute exam to be completed over two days.

After the first part, the waters of the young woman broke.

She contacted her midwife who told her that she still had time ahead of her. Brianna decided to occupy this time by taking the second part of the exam before going to the hospital.

There, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy overnight. And the next morning, she finished her online exam from her hospital room.

“I was determined! When life throws curved balls at you, but when you have a goal, you find a solution to get out of it! ” she said on the show Good Morning America.

While waiting for the results of the bar, Brianna is busy taking care of her infant.

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