Sergey Katasonov: “One gets the feeling that during the pandemic, the authorities forgot that there are other problems as well”

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This is evidenced by the appeals of Orenburg residents received in July at the public reception of a State Duma deputy. Most of the issues are in the hands of state institutions, but residents do not find direct support there.

For example, in order to receive material assistance for people who were unemployed during the quarantine period, the deputy’s requests to the relevant departments were required. As a result, residents of Orenburg received more than 100,000 rubles for the purchase of food, clothing, shoes and medicines. For 70,000 rubles, assistance was provided to two victims of fires for the repair of living quarters.

Resonant situation in the village. With the withdrawal of children from a large family, Lichtenwald A. remained under the control of Deputy Katasonov as a tulip in the Dombarovsky district of the Orenburg region. Inquiries to the Prosecutor’s Office of the Orenburg Region and the Orenburg Region Children’s Ombudsman confirmed a number of violations in the activities of the guardianship and guardianship bodies of the district administration: the decision to remove children was made in violation of the provisions of the Family Code of the Russian Federation.

“A bill is under consideration in the State Duma, after the adoption of which it will be possible to remove children from the family only by a court decision. And this is correct, because the guardianship authorities will have to present indisputable evidence that the lives of children are really under threat, ”said Sergei Mikhailovich.

The issue of Russian citizenship is still a problem. After applying to the public reception of a deputy of the State Duma, a resident of the Orenburg region, who came from Ukraine back in the 90s, had the opportunity to start the process of obtaining citizenship in a simplified manner and receive free medical care, which she really needs.

Contact the public reception office of S.M. Katasonov can be remotely by email indicating the full name and address of residence.

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