Seoul government slammed: pregnant women, prepare meals for your husband

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Seoul local government has come under fire for criticism after advising pregnant women to prepare meals in advance for their husbands and make sure they have enough clean underwear before going to give birth in the hospital.

These measures would avoid “inconvenience” to families, said the local government of the South Korean capital on a site intended for pregnant women.

The advice, posted in 2019, was taken off the website last week after it was noticed by the public and caused an uproar.

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As of Monday afternoon, more than 20,000 people had already signed a petition posted on the presidential site, calling for the punishment of those responsible for this content.

The offending article advised pregnant women to keep nearby, during the first stages of pregnancy, a small outfit that they would like to wear after childbirth, to “motivate” them not to overeat or to abstain. to exercise.

“Not postponing household chores, like cleaning or washing dishes, will help you maintain your weight without even getting extra exercise,” added the Pregnancy and Childbirth Information Center website.

As the due date approaches, pregnant women should prepare a few meals in advance for their husbands, “unfamiliar with the kitchen,” and make sure they have enough underwear, socks, clothes, clothes. clean shirts and handkerchiefs by the time they get home.

“Avoid causing inconvenience to your family by making sure there is enough toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and detergents” at home before you go into labor, the website added.

South Korea faces a demographic crisis, with a declining birth rate as women face the double burden of working and raising children.

In a statement sent to AFP on Monday, the Seoul local government admitted that it had not “carefully reviewed” the content of the article before posting it on the site, pledging to be more vigilant to avoid such incidents in the future.

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