Sentence – 600 years in prison

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In early 2019, Matthew Miller, 31, was arrested in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, after receiving reports of child abuse by police. During a search of his house, they found images of child pornography, which, as it turned out, Miller produced.

To do this, he persuaded (and maybe forced) two children under the age of 5 years to commit explicit sexual acts. Miller was charged with 20 counts for creating a visual staging of sexual acts, to which he pleaded guilty. At first, his case was handled by a state court, but then it was transferred to a federal court. And recently, the chief federal district judge in Birmingham L. Scott Kugler sentenced Miller for the production of child pornography to … 7200 months (that is, to 600 (!) Years) in prison. Unless this deadline is changed on appeal, Miller will never be released from prison.

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