Search for victims of Boeing 737-524 crash resumed in Indonesia

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Rescuers have resumed their search for victims of the Boeing 737-524 plane crash off the coast of Indonesia, local KompasTV reported on January 10.

It is noted that the search operation, which was previously interrupted due to darkness and unfavorable weather, continued at 6:00 on Sunday (2:00 Moscow time).

It involves a special ship with 40 marine divers and special equipment. The ship headed for the water area near Jakarta.

In addition, DNA samples were taken from their relatives to identify the bodies of the deceased.

On January 9, it became known about the disappearance from the radar of a passenger plane a few minutes after its departure from Jakarta. It was noted that the destination of the Sriwijaya Air aircraft was the city of Pontianak.

According to eyewitnesses, the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea, presumably exploding.

Indonesian Transport Minister Budi Kariya Sumadi confirmed the crash. According to him, there were 65 people on board. According to the airline, there were 62 people on the plane.

The circumstances of the tragedy are being investigated, it is known that the plane lost its altitude sharply after takeoff.

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