Germany: the number of deaths is several times higher than in previous years

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On January 9, the Robert Koch Institute announced another sad record – 1,083 people died in the country per day as a result of coronavirus disease. Experts from the Federal Statistical Office report an increase in mortality in the country. According to the latest data, in the second week of December, the number of deaths was 20 percent above average. Especially many deaths were registered in Saxony.

At the end of 2020, the death toll in Germany continued to increase. According to experts, in the second week of December alone, 23 percent more deaths were recorded than in previous years. According to the Federal Statistical Office, at least 22,897 people died from December 7 to 13. This is almost 4,300 more than in the same period from 2016 to 2019. The data on the number of deaths at the current moment is available up to the 50th calendar week.

The rise in deaths is most noticeable in Saxony, the federal state hardest hit by the coronavirus. In the 50th calendar week, the number of reported deaths was 88 percent or 970 cases higher than the average in previous years. A sharp rise of 34 percent or 211 cases was reported in Brandenburg and 35 percent for 204 cases in Thuringia.

Already in November, the death rate in Germany was well above average. Eleven percent more people died in the penultimate month of the year than the average in the previous four years, the Federal Office said.

The number of deaths due to coronavirus disease has increased significantly since the beginning of October last year, according to the Robert Koch Institute. In the second week of December, 3,595 patients infected with coronavirus died in the country, which is 598 more cases than a week earlier.

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