Schoolchildren from Cunja are forced to hitchhike or skip classes

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Schoolchildren from Cunja are forced to hitchhike to the educational institution or skip classes. The mother of one of the children wrote about this problem on the website governor60.rf.

The woman said that the Kunyin school simply does not have its own bus for transporting children. Only a regular bus can deliver children from three villages of the Kuninsky district (Vsteselovo, Borovinka, Pynka) to lessons. But he doesn’t always help out.

“The regular bus comes only for the second lesson, and in order to get home, the children have to take time off from the last lesson or wait for the same regular bus, walking for more than an hour near the bus station!” – wrote the student’s mother.

There is another option: hitchhiking and “vote” on the sidelines. For children, as well as for adults, it is a very dangerous way to get home.

The applicant said that before writing to the governor’s website, she managed to contact the regional administration and the bus station. However, according to her, they refused to help her, since there is no other driver in the state.

“We kindly ask you to understand our issue, since this is not a study,” a resident of the district concluded.

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