Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP surrounded by bears

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Bears began to enter the territory of the Sayanogorsk municipality in Khakassia near the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. This is reported in the department for civil defense and emergency situations of the city administration.

Locals are asked to be extremely careful. When meeting a bear, you should not run or move too sharply, you need to calmly and confidently move away. It is also recommended to make noise – a pot and a stick are perfect. Experts warn against growling and shouting – on the contrary, it can provoke an attack.

Earlier, in the Ust-Yansky ulus in the north of Yakutia, a polar bear attacked a hunter. According to him, the attack took place on the night of October 4, when the man was sleeping. The hunter grabbed his gun, but did not manage to shoot. According to Tastygin, he managed to fight off the polar bear with a knife, while the man received serious head wounds. He was hospitalized in Tiksi by helicopter. He survived.

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