Nutritionist named a way to properly seize stress

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Many Russians do not know how to properly seize stress, the mistake lies in the amount of food consumed, said nutritionist, Ph.D. Irina Berezhnaya.

According to her, it is not necessary to eat a whole cake or a lot of ice cream, but a piece of chocolate will suffice.

“You need to choose products that bring pleasure. For example, if you like chocolate, you can eat a small piece of chocolate and your mood will improve, “- quoted a nutritionist radio Sputnik on Tuesday, October 13.

At the same time, Berezhnaya noted that favorite food in stressful situations gives only a temporary effect and does not eliminate the source of the problem.

In addition, the expert pointed out that the effect on the nervous system from seizing stress in the future may be reduced.

On October 3, oncologist Mikhail Myasnyankin said that stress can lead to the appearance of malignant tumors due to suppression of the immune system.

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