Saratov regional deputies do not want to teach children history over the fence

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Deputies of the Saratov Regional Duma are digging deeply, who, 20 years after the transaction between the administration of the regional center and private business, suddenly became concerned about the fate of the land plot near the river station.

Several meetings of the people’s deputies, representatives of the Saratov administration and business have already taken place at the site of the regional parliament. Moreover, regional deputies are more and more interested in why, in the late 1990s, the municipal land went into private hands.

Five Duma members turned for help to the prosecutor of the Saratov region, Sergei Filipenko. In their official request, they asked the head of the supervisory authority to check the legality of transactions on a land plot on the Saratov embankment.

“The land plot is located in the historical part of the regional center, surrounded by historical monuments of federal and regional significance, which determines its value for city residents. It is in this place that the city of Saratov begins its history, and its guests – acquaintance with the city, ”the signatories assure.

The fact that today the land “is a fenced-in wasteland” is very upsetting for the deputies, because under other circumstances “city residents could … pass on knowledge about the history of Saratov to their children not through a fence, but, for example, in a landscaped park or square”.

The Saratov administration also sent an official letter to the owner of the land plot. Businessmen were invited to equip a park area for citizens here.

“This zone is a common area. The creation of a new park zone here with the installation of a monument and small architectural forms will be a good solution for the use of this site, “Saratov officials write. But, probably, they themselves do not believe that they will not be sent by entrepreneurs along the popular walking route.

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