Russian woman declared dead, “resurrected” after 16 years

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A resident of Orsk, pronounced dead, suddenly came to the pension fund for a lump sum. Writes about this edition 16 years ago, a woman abandoned two children in the care of her grandfather and left. The kids were then 3 years and 6 months old. After some time, the guardian of the children went to court with a request to recognize his daughter as missing. His claim was granted and five years ago the woman was declared dead. Her children began to receive a survivor’s pension.

However, in 2020, a woman came to the pension fund for payments for children. During this time, she settled in Bashkiria, got married there and gave birth to another child.

The “resurrected” mother met with her older children in court. The guys did not object to the cancellation of the decision to declare the woman dead. But at the same time they emphasized that they do not remember what their mother looks like. They saw her for the last time in early childhood and the image has long been erased from memory.

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