Russian drivers were reminded of the rules for warming up the car

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Most cars need to idle for a few minutes after being idle in the cold season, although this is contrary to popular environmental trends. Lev Zimanov, associate professor of the Department of Operation of Automobile Transport and Car Service, MADI, told about this in an interview with Sputnik radio.

He noted that many auto experts justify the refusal to warm up cars by the fact that this reduces emissions into the atmosphere.

“These emissions from modern cars are not very large, so I think this argument is absolutely negligible,” Zimanov explained.

The specialist added that if there is a need to immediately start moving, then you can start “after a few seconds from the start.” However, in this case, the load on the engine cannot be increased.

“The operation of the engine without lubrication of its individual units with heated oil immediately causes increased wear and reduces its resource,” the expert specified.

He added that machines that run on gas must be warmed up. This fuel, Zimanov explained, must be converted from a liquid to a gaseous state, and then evaporated, this requires a high temperature.

The most convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport in this case is electric cars. They do not need to be warmed up even in a Russian winter.

“Electric motors have a huge advantage here. There, the lubricant is always in those nodes where it should be, the oil does not drain anywhere. It can thicken, but warming up is not a problem. We sat down there and drove off immediately, ”the expert concluded.

Earlier in December, experts from the Autonews automobile portal named the most dangerous mistakes of motorists on winter roads.

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