Russia will create a “gene-beating” drug for coronavirus

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There is no specific cure for coronavirus infection in the world that would specifically stop the replication of the virus, but Russia is already working on it, said Rakhim Khaitov, chief immunologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to him, the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine will be clear in six months, and there is no effective cure for the coronavirus yet. In this regard, citizens should observe the precautions recommended by the Ministry of Health: wear masks, gloves, keep their distance.

“We are developing a drug that will accurately target the genes responsible for replication, but it is still at the preclinical stage. While there is no specific medicine, we need to do what the Ministry of Health recommends to us, ”the press service of the Ministry of Health quotes Khaitov on October 17.

The specialist also said that a weakened immune system aggravates the course of the coronavirus and increases the risk of death. Khaitov recommended leading a healthy lifestyle and getting a flu shot, since not only COVID-19 is dangerous in the fall.

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