Russia will be banned from publicly demonstrating Nazi criminals

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The Russian Federation will prohibit the public display of images of persons found guilty of crimes during the Great Patriotic War by the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal. As Izvestia found out, such a bill may be adopted by the State Duma in February. The document was supported by the relevant parliamentary committees for culture and security.

As its authors explain, including Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy, Chairman of the Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Vasily Piskarev, Head of the Committee on Culture Elena Yampolskaya and other deputies, currently legislation imposes restrictions on the use of Nazi attributes or symbols, but a ban the image of the criminals themselves is not.

“Recently, there have been high-profile cases of public display of images of Nazi criminals. Souvenirs (T-shirts, blouses, figurines, photographs with a personal signature, etc.) with images of war criminals from the Second World War are sold in stores and on various sites. These goods are currently freely sold and made to order, “the document says (available to Izvestia).

The bill is aimed at preventing the glorification of war criminals on the territory of our country, tens of millions of citizens of which have become victims of the monstrous fascist regime of Germany and its allies, the authors of the bill emphasize.

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Will not pass: in the Russian Federation it will be forbidden to publicly demonstrate Nazi criminals

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