Russia banned weighing products without packaging and selling duck eggs

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Rospotrebnadzor approved new sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the operation of stores and markets where food products are produced.

They will take effect from January 1st.

Among the basic rules are:

– bread products cannot touch walls or floors

– food products in packaging should not come into contact with unpackaged

– you cannot weigh products without packaging

– you cannot sell eggs in departments where they sell ready-to-eat products not packaged by the manufacturer

– you can not sell deformed canned food, green potatoes, homemade products, duck and goose eggs, melons and gourds with cuts

– food products should not touch water supply pipes, sewers and batteries. Branch pipes must be designed to eliminate the risk of product contamination

– ancillary workers and cleaners cannot prepare food products for sale

– ice for cooking and cooling food products can only be prepared from drinking water

– mandatory periodic medical examinations of employees associated with the storage, transportation and sale of products

– heating, ventilation and (or) air conditioning are required in shops

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