Gordon Chang sounds alarm about Chinese ambitions: ‘The next 9/11 will be in space’

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America must figure out a way to “protect ourselves and our assets in space, because the Chinese are going to get to the moon,” warned Gordon Chang on “The Ingraham Angle” Monday night. 

“They are going to take the best spots for commercial exploitation and the best spots for military purposes,” the author of “The Coming Collapse of China” told guest host Jesse Watters. “We need to get there first. We can do it and we can do it without the Chinese.”

Chang and Watters were reacting to a Politico report that claimed top advisers to President-elect Joe Biden have urged the incoming administration to enter in to a “limited space partnership” with Beijing in the hope of easing tensions between the two countries.

Chang told Watters the advisers in question “come out of the Obama administration, where we had an atrocious space policy where … we allowed the Chinese to make great strides at great disadvantage to ourselves, because, you know, it sounds nice that we can cooperate with the Chinese in space, but we know they steal hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. intellectual property each year.


“But more important, the Chinese space program is military-oriented,” Chang added. “So any transfers of technology are going to end up improving China’s military capabilities and China’s configuring [of] its military to kill Americans. So this is a horrible policy proposal on the part of the Biden transition team.”

During the Obama administration, Chang told Watters, the U.S. “had a big lead on China in space. So President Obama said, and this sounds reasonable, ‘Well, we shouldn’t militarize space because we’re going to be the big losers.’


“The problem with those reasonable-sounding words, however, were that China and Russia were militarizing space, they were weopanizing themselves, and we weren’t protecting our assets in space,” Chang added. “So we lost a lot of ground, and unfortunately, we don’t understand the militancy of both Moscow and Beijing. So what sounded reasonable on the surface was actually misguided to an extreme degree.

Chang concluded with a stark warning about the potential outcome of China’s celestial ambitions, saying: “The next 9/11 will be in space, and we will be the victims of it.”

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