Rosselkhoznadzor discovered dangerous cattle burial grounds in Karelia

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The Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for Karelia, together with the republican veterinary service, examined Karelian cattle burial grounds and revealed numerous violations, according to the website of the supervisory agency.

Of the seven anthrax cattle burial grounds in our region, the Petrozavodsk cattle cemetery raised questions. It is located in the Sulazhgory district. So, its territory was not fenced off with a solid fence at least 2 meters high with an entrance gate and a trench, which should be dug from the inside of the fence.

Until September 30, the mayor’s office of Petrozavodsk is obliged to eliminate these violations.

In addition, examinations were carried out in another 9 republican cattle burial grounds that are not sirens. The examination also found violations.

In particular, they talked about the absence of a blank fence, a lock on the gate, convenient access roads, a trench with a shaft from excavated soil, the absence of a canopy over the biothermal pit and a cover with a lock and a ventilated pipe on the pit itself, thickets of grass and shrubs on the territory.

And if the violations revealed in the Kostomuksha cattle cemetery: the absence of a blank fence with an entrance gate and trenches, will have to be eliminated by the administration of the Kostomuksha urban district, then the remaining eight cattle cemeteries have no “owner”: they are ownerless.

Moreover, two cattle burial grounds located in Pryazhinsky and Olonetsky districts continue to be used by agricultural enterprises for burying animal waste.

In general, violations of existing requirements can lead to serious consequences: pollution of soil, groundwater and even mass infection of animals, which, in turn, will lead to the spread of infectious and parasitic diseases among humans and animals. This was recalled in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The information about the revealed violations was transferred to the Karelian interdistrict environmental prosecutor’s office and the government of the republic.

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