Rescue services to be held near Volgograd

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A large-scale tactical and special exercise will take place today in the Sredneakhtubinsky district, during which employees of the regional Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, rescuers, medical workers and authorities will work out two scenarios – rescuing victims on the water and extinguishing a natural fire. Governor Andrey Bocharov will act as the coordinator.

According to Volgogradskaya, about a hundred specialists and 25 pieces of equipment, including an ambulance helicopter, will take part in the training camp.

The first legend of the teachings about the detection of emergency in the reservoir. Immediately, a boat from the search and rescue unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, as well as employees of the Volga division of the emergency rescue service, moved to the scene of the incident.

Two boats of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies were also sent to help colleagues, which cordoned off the scene.

According to the organizers’ scenario, one of the victims had already disappeared under water. He is pulled out by a diver and transferred to a rescue boat, which takes him to the shore. The victim is examined by a paramedic and sent by an ambulance helicopter to the intensive care unit of hospital No. 25.

The second victim is rescued by employees of the Krasnoslobodsky search and rescue unit of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, he also receives medical assistance on the shore of the reservoir.

The second stage of the exercise is devoted to extinguishing a natural fire. According to legend, the fire took place near the villages of Lebyazhya Polyana and Kirovets. At the same time, the fire spreads rapidly and threatens residential buildings and people. In addition, the situation is complicated by the fact that gas control points are located in the fire extinguishing zone.

Fire departments of the federal fire service and the fire service of the local Volga garrison will control the spread of fire using a drone. The task will also be set to organize uninterrupted gas supply in difficult conditions.

Recall that large exercises that help rescue and emergency services work out algorithms for actions in emergency conditions have been held in the region since 2014. Such large-scale events enable agencies to act in a coordinated and efficient manner to prevent real emergencies and minimize their consequences.

Moreover, unfavorable weather conditions have been established in the Volgograd region, which requires increased vigilance from the authorities. By the way, in difficult situations, Governor Andrei Bocharov personally coordinates the work of the headquarters – this was the case during the July 2020 fires and other emergencies. In difficult situations, residents are provided with all the required assistance and support.

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