Railway news: two “Lastochki” will arrive at the renewed station in Kostroma

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Two railway news for Kostroma residents at once – and both are good.

The first of them is that Russian Railways are seriously thinking about launching another Lastochka on the Moscow-Kostroma route. Now the high-speed train is 93% full – this is almost an ideal indicator for such trains – and Russian Railways thinks what is better: to increase the number of cars in the existing train or to launch another one on this route? So there is a possibility that there will soon be two Swallows.

And the second piece of news is that these “Swallows” will arrive at the renovated station, since the press service of the regional administration received news that they are going to modernize it in Kostroma.

Now the main problem of the Kostroma railway station is the short distance from the station building to the platform.

During the reconstruction, the project of which is being discussed in the regional administration and the directorate of the SZD, they are going to increase it and at the same time make the platform high so that passengers do not have to climb into the carriages by stairs, but can simply enter them.

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