Putin called an important incentive and tool for self-realization

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Helping people is one of the most important incentives and tools for self-realization. This was announced on Monday, December 14, by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“When people do good, they enjoy it. This, in fact, is largely the meaning of life in general. When you help people close to you and even those people whom you may not know, but who need your support, and you get satisfaction from this, this is one of the most important incentives and most important tools for self-realization of any person, “he said on the social online forum “United Russia”, which was broadcast on Facebook.

Putin noted that the work of volunteers is extremely important and in demand.

“Your work is in great demand in life. I would like to wish it not to be interrupted, so that any of your initiatives are implemented. I want to note that this is an extremely important matter, ”the Russian leader addressed the volunteers.

In early December, Vladimir Putin said that cordial generosity, generosity and mercy are the best qualities of Russians, which provide the country with moral and ethical leadership. He noted that in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, society began to pay more attention to mutual support, complicity and willingness to help.

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