Germany: Additional leave and financial support for parents due to school and kindergarten closures

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During the Frühstart program on RTL and NTV, the head of the Federal Chancellery Helge Braun announced that the parents of kindergarten children and primary schoolchildren will be compensated in case they cannot go to work during the second strict quarantine due to closed schools and kindergartens.

The Federal Infection Protection Act provides for compensation in the amount of 67 percent of the salary. “I think this is an important tool for immediate assistance,” Brown said. The state reimburses the employer for the payment of wages while the employee at home looks after the children. The politician also asked employers to support parents with children.

Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil is already working on a decree allowing parents to take additional leave if they have no other way to organize childcare, said Olaf Scholz, Minister of Finance and Vice Chancellor of Germany.

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) referred to the rules for compensation for injured parents, which were also followed in the spring. At that time, it was decided to pay under the law on the loss of earnings to mothers and fathers if they could not go to work due to the closure of kindergartens and schools.

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