Protesters against Moscow time in Volgograd went to court

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To cancel the decision of the parliament of the Volgograd region on the transfer of the clock to Moscow time, Ivan Ivanov, head of the legal agency AVIM, sent to the regional court.

Local mass media report that 8 people have already joined Ivanov’s suit. People say that two years ago, when the region abandoned Moscow time, the authorities explained this decision by concern for the health of Volgograd residents and residents of the region.

And now the authorities are justifying the return to Moscow time by the “inconvenience of living” in the local time zone. According to Ivanov, he “just have no words to comment on such nonsense.”

The plaintiff expresses in a statement his opinion on the illegality of the regional Duma’s decision, taken contrary to the results of the 2018 referendum. Ivanov also states that the draft law sent to the State Duma is deprived of the preliminary opinion of the Council of Legislators of Russia.

The opinion is also expressed that the data of the survey on the transition of the Volgograd region to Moscow time, conducted in the summer of 2020, are unreliable.

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