Prospects for the development of plant mineral nutrition systems were discussed in Russia

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PhosAgro and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) held a scientific and practical conference on global food security and the future of mineral fertilizers. A press release with the results of the event was at the disposal of Izvestia on Friday, July 31st.

“More than half of the world’s soil resources are already degraded. All of this imposes special requirements on the environmental friendliness of mineral fertilizers and the sustainability of agricultural technologies, ”said PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev.

PhosAgro actively cooperates with innovation funds, scientific and educational institutions, including the Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Innopraktika company. At the moment, PhosAgro’s portfolio includes 53 brands of fertilizers, 12 of which are fertilizers with microelements. By 2025, the company plans to develop 50 more new products, and by 2030 to offer farmers another 70 new products, including innovative brands of fertilizers – biomineral and fertilizers with inhibitors and ameliorants, as well as prolonged action.

“The scientific potential that we will master together with partners will lie on the soil of Russian agriculture, which is well-flavored by the state, and will manifest itself in our fields in the form of sustainable income for agricultural producers, in new competitive advantages and environmental friendliness of agricultural products,” summed up PhosAgro’s CEO.

In turn, the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, touched upon the topic of synchronizing the chain of the innovative search process from fundamental science to the market.

“Today agronomy is reaching the level of deep knowledge, micro- and nanotechnology. Speaking about food security, we must not only feed the country and the whole world to their fill, but also think about how to do it more efficiently and more efficiently, ”Sergeev said.

Elena Zlenko, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management, noted that the development of a “green” direction in agriculture is a promising, innovative and competitive area for our country.

She added that “the work of companies such as PhosAgro, which offer the farmer not only a bag of fertilizers, but a whole system of measures for business development, is another incentive to attract young personnel to the countryside, for the development of rural areas. Financial support, innovative, scientific, economic solutions that are used at PhosAgro must be scaled up and replicated throughout the country as a whole. “

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