Princess Diana would’ve made Prince Harry, Prince William ‘work through their issues’, author claims

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Princess Diana would have stepped in to force Prince Harry and Prince William to work on their relationship, claims the author of “Finding Freedom,” a book chronicling the romance between Harry and Meghan Markle.

Omid Scobie, author of “Finding Freedom,” recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his bombshell book that follows the royal pair from their first meeting to their historic decision to “step back” as senior members of the royal family.

In recent years, a rift has been rumored to exist between Harry, 35, and his older brother William, 38, which, according to the book, came about when the latter warned his brother that his relationship with Markle, now 39, was moving very quickly.


“There’s an important moment in the book where William sits down with Harry to sort of express some of his own concerns about the speed at which the relationship was moving — now that’s great brotherly advice, and especially if it was asked for,” Scobie said. “But what we have to remember in the build-up to that, that Harry was already aware of some of the things that were being said about Meghan within the institution. He was already aware of some of the disparaging comments that are being made behind his back by some of his own [friends].”

Britain's Prince Harry (left) and older brother Prince William.

Britain’s Prince Harry (left) and older brother Prince William.
(Photo by Tolga Akmen – WPA Pool / Getty Images)

The author said it’s understandable that Harry would then see William “as yet another unsupportive individual at a time when he needed someone to have his back.”

Scobie also pointed out that Harry is often painted as “the young, immature” royal.

“And here’s a man who is now well in his 30s and found his way in life and felt he was doing it right. But it was then being questioned.” the author said.

“So, you can see how things may have sort of changed from that point onwards, and I have heard from sources close to William that he very much regrets having that conversation,” Scobie claimed.


While William allegedly may be feeling regret over the situation, Scobie said that the pair’s late mother Princess Diana would have taken action to patch things up between the two.

“Diana definitely would’ve got Harry and William together and made them work through their issues,” he explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I think transparency was always something really important to Diana, and it’s something we haven’t seen a lot of in the recent months or the past few years with Harry and Meghan and the treatment of them within the royal family.” Diana would’ve stood up for them and she would’ve seen the position they were in mirrors some of the challenges that she faced within the institution too, but I think one thing we have to remember with Harry and William’s relationship today is it’s not over.”

Diana, Princess of Wales with Prince Harry on holiday in Majorca, Spain on August 10, 1987. (Photo by Georges De Keerle/Getty Images)

Diana, Princess of Wales with Prince Harry on holiday in Majorca, Spain on August 10, 1987. (Photo by Georges De Keerle/Getty Images)

The author stressed that the bond between the brothers is “incredibly important” and that he expects them to re-enter one another’s lives “at some point.”

Scobe said that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been helpful either, as travel is advised against, which keeps Harry, who lives in Los Angeles, away from his family in the UK.

However, the prince speaks with some family members, such as his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, “on a regular basis” via video chat.


“Both he and Meghan and [their son] Archie regularly Zoom with Prince Charles, and we know that his coronavirus battle really brought them together, so, relationships are moving forward beyond the ending of this book, and I think that’s really encouraging, and maybe that gives us hope for Harry and William in the future,” he explained.

The author also said that there are similarities between Harry and his mother, and her influence on his life has been made very clear recently, such as in a speech the prince gave for Sentebale, a charity he’s associated with.

Princess Diana with Prince William.

Princess Diana with Prince William.
(Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images)

Scobie recalled Harry addressing his decision to step back and thanking people for the education he’d received from them throughout his life.

“I remember at the time thinking the words really familiar. I looked back at that speech that Diana gave at a charity engagement when she officially stood back from her official public duties. And the words almost mirrored each other, and it was like Harry had gone back and looked up what his mother had said at such an important time in his life because, of course, he can’t ask her for that advice himself,” he said. “So he instead looks at the path that she already took on. And so there are these moments where we see a similarity in the decision she makes. And I’m sure that that in itself makes Harry realize that he is doing the right thing and that his mother would approve.”

While “Harry and Meghan didn’t take part in the process or do any interviews,” Scobie claims to have spoken with 100 sources and friends of the couple to create the book.


“My co-author and I found that many of the friends, who agreed to speak, were so frustrated over the coverage of their friends. They felt the people they were seeing on these pages were not their friends, the people they knew,” he said. “This was a unique chance for us to put aside the story that wasn’t out there for others who want to hear it.”

A spokesperson for the couple reiterated that they were not interviewed in a statement obtained by the outlet.

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