Priests prayed for rain in the Kurgan region

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Priests of the Southern Deanery of the Kurgan Diocese with icons and banners performed a prayer for the gift of rain in the fields of the Polovinsky District of the Kurgan Region. On Thursday, August 6, the diocese website reported.

Together with them were representatives of the Kurgansemena agricultural holding.

“Together with representatives of the agricultural holding, on a field sown with rapeseed, we held a conciliar prayer for the gift of rain,” said Priest Konstantin Balin.

According to him, the church has already conducted such prayers more than once. So, according to him, before the revolution after Easter, the priests walked around the fields with a procession for a good harvest.

On August 4, meteorologists in the Kurgan region warned that the heat wave would remain in the region all week. Forests are burning in the region, residents of Kurgan complain that it is difficult for them to breathe because of the smog and the acrid smell of burning.

In turn, the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced a storm warning on August 1 due to the intense heat approaching the Kurgan region. According to the data of local meteorologists, cited by the department, from August 2 to 6, abnormally hot weather is expected in the region with an average daily temperature of 7 degrees above normal. The air will warm up to + 31-36 degrees.

At the same time, intense heat continued to persist in the region for most of July. So, on July 17, the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned that in some places in the region the thermometers will show + 36-37 degrees.

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