Germany: Layoffs at Lufthansa inevitable

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In ongoing negotiations with unions, the German airline Lufthansa announced a forced tightening of the order of job cuts due to the crisis situation provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to representatives of the concern, due to the current situation in the world around air transport and preliminary results of negotiations with trade unions, the original plan to avoid layoffs in Germany is no longer realistic. This was officially announced today in Frankfurt during the presentation of the company’s quarterly balance sheet.

Lufthansa plans to cut 22,000 full-time seats worldwide and is in talks with employee representatives on acceptable terms. “We are at a tipping point in global air travel,” says Chief Executive Officer Karsten Spohr. In a letter to its employees, the group’s board blamed the German trade unions for the absence of a crisis agreement.

The 8,300 reductions made to date have been carried out exclusively outside the country. “We cannot react to the current situation with the existing methods and processes,” Karsten Spohr emphasized.

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