Presidential election: new failure for Trump in Pennsylvania court

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WASHINGTON | The Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania on Saturday dismissed a new complaint from Donald Trump’s campaign denouncing irregularities in the presidential poll, thus reducing to nothing the possibility of a change in the results.

The Republicans’ lawsuit called for either invalidation of the mail-in votes or the cancellation of the entire vote to give state lawmakers the choice of deciding who wins.

President-elect Joe Biden won in Pennsylvania with a difference of 81,000 votes.

The court rejected these two requests, calling the second “surprising” and judging that it was intended to “deprive the 6.9 million people who voted in Pennsylvania of their votes.”

The lawsuit also challenged the law passed in 2019 establishing postal voting in Pennsylvania, claiming it was unconstitutional.

In their verdict, the judges argued that the challenge to this law came too late, more than a year after its adoption, and at a time when the result of the election “was apparently becoming obvious”.

Pennsylvania certified Joe Biden’s victory on Nov. 24, but this latest complaint also sought to challenge that decision.

On Friday, an appeals court dismissed another Trump campaign complaint that the election was unfair, and refused to block certification of Joe Biden’s victory still in Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump’s campaign has suffered some 20 court defeats across the country.

On Thursday, the outgoing president said he would leave the White House “of course” if Joe Biden’s presidential victory was officially confirmed, while reiterating that he might not admit his own defeat.

The American president nevertheless continues to reject Joe Biden’s victory without proof.

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