Political scientist proposed to destroy Ukraine

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Ukraine is not a viable country that should be destroyed and a new state should be built in its place. This was announced on August 6 by the Ukrainian political scientist, deputy head of the Strategic Group “Sofia” Viktor Shcherbina.

In his opinion, if Ukraine cannot unite at the level of social interests, then multiple “worlds” within it with different views will seek ways for independence.

Shcherbina pointed out that in the future the country may face an even greater split than it is now.

“Because it is impossible to keep people by force, it is necessary to keep them by joint interests,” the Federal News Agency quotes him.

The expert pointed out that the model of the country’s existence in the form of separate groups, collective farms, cities is not viable, so it is worth building something new.

In June, Ukrainian political scientist Andrei Yermolaev expressed the opinion that in the fall, after the local elections in Ukraine, the country may find itself in the position of the USSR before collapse.

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