Olga Buzova, a friend of the Novosibirsk rapper Dava, was crippled on the “Ice Age” show

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The 34-year-old diva agreed to participate in one of the most popular TV shows, although skating, in her own words, is “like a cow on ice”. Hard training gave a twofold result: Olga Buzova and her show partner, Olympic champion and medalist Dmitry Solovyov began to get simple supports, and the girl also damaged ligaments in her leg.

Olga Buzova admitted that she is a perfect amateur in figure skating: she was skating for the last time in six years, and even then she did not acquire any special skills, so she “held onto the side”. But now her schedule includes many hours of daily workouts, sometimes even nightly, after filming the show “House 2”.

Unfortunately, the result of the training is still ambiguous: her show partner notes that the debutante’s sliding is getting better and better every day, but fatigue and an unusual type of physical activity have already made themselves felt: Olga twisted her leg on the ice and stretched her ligaments. Now she has to insure herself on the ice, fixing her leg with an elastic bandage.

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