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As we already know, President Donald Trump has loyalty only to himself.

The ridiculous tariffs that his administration is threatening to impose on Canadian aluminum is another example.

Is this really a decision motivated by the good of working people and the American economy?

The president claims that this 10% surtax is aimed at correcting an injustice suffered by the industry and that our aluminum compromises national security.

Porridge for cats.

In fact, Mr. Trump, whose popularity is at its lowest a few months before the presidential election, only thinks of his re-election. His electoral base, like him, is crazy about scapegoats.

Canadian officials think the same, even if they don’t allow themselves to say so publicly.

We only have to look at the preliminary list of American products that Canada wishes to tax in response to be convinced.

There are washing machines and golf clubs, a sport Mr. Trump is particularly fond of.

As for washing machines, the president was in a factory that manufactures them, Thursday, when he announced the imposition of tariffs …

In the last trade war with the United States in 2018, Canada retaliated by targeting products made in key Republican states.

Comparison game

Ottawa expected this new affront. The provinces were notified weeks ago.

Despite everything, it is consternation in the federal capital, because we fear that this is only the beginning.

As the November 4 presidential election approaches, the trade – and word – war between the two capitals could very well escalate.

From a strictly political (and cynical?) Point of view, this new quarrel with Washington is not such a bad deal for Justin Trudeau, entangled in an ethical scandal.

In the game of comparisons with his American counterpart, Mr. Trudeau always comes out a winner.

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