Petrozavodsk is fighting hard-core debtors

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The press service of “RKS-Petrozavodsk” told about the legal methods of fighting hard-core non-payers. So, a “provider” of services can charge penalties, recognize a metering device whose inter-verification period has expired, failed, restrict the provision of services if they are not paid for

So KRC LLC together with PKS-Vodokonal JSC began to restrict water disposal for those who have accumulated significant debts: in the apartments of debtors, the sewage system is blocked with special plugs. The press service of RKS-Petrozavodsk warned that debtors who were “disconnected” from the sewage system risk causing discontent among neighbors, because the smell of sewage can spread throughout the entrance. To save himself and others from trouble, the debtor will not only have to pay off the debt and penalties, but also pay 3 thousand rubles for installing and dismantling the plug. An important nuance – access to the apartment for its installation is not required.

Also, as part of the fight against debtors, bank cards are blocked from non-payers.

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