Peskov called Deripaska’s words about the initiators of the sanctions relevant

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The sanctions against Russia applied by other countries and associations can be considered elements of a hybrid war. This was announced on December 21 by the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, speaking about the previously published words of businessman Oleg Deripaska.

“We can agree with him – this is really a kind of hybrid war” – agreed Peskov. Sanctions are being used by the United States as a hybrid warfare tool, he said. But, as Peskov added, writes, American restrictions can hardly be called sanctions, “if you find fault with the letter of the law.”

Earlier in the day, businessman Oleg Deripaska wrote in Telegram that the sanctions inflict no less damage on the civilian population than the armed clashes. He used the analogy that sanctions are no better than bombing Russian cities. Or even an attack on state borders.

“Even, probably, causing more damage to the civilian population,” the billionaire shared his opinion.

The actions of citizens provoking sanctions against Russia can be “qualified as treason”, for this it is necessary to make appropriate amendments to the Criminal Code, Deripaska summed up.

On December 17, Washington announced that they would continue to impose restrictions on the Northern Stream 2 gas pipeline and hope to prevent its implementation. Also, Russia is under the sanctions of the European Union because of the situation in Donbass and the reunification of Crimea with Russia.

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