Patrushev called the ecological situation in Siberia unfavorable

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Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev described the ecological situation in Siberia as unfavorable. According to him, the problems of environmental protection are becoming more acute, and the reasons are often man-made accidents.

During his speech in Novosibirsk on national security in the regions on October 5, Patrushev expressed concern about the current ecological situation and the high degree of environmental pollution. He pointed out that problems of this nature, in particular, worsen the quality of life of the population and increase social tension.

“The state of atmospheric air in 22 cities of the district, where more than 40% of the urban population lives, is characterized by high and very high levels of pollution. At the same time, most of the polluting enterprises have not yet switched to the best available technologies, ”TASS quotes him.

Patrushev pointed out that in terms of industrial pollution, the regions of Siberia have one of the highest rates in Russia. A tense ecological situation is also noted at water bodies, for example, in the Kuzbass, Altai, Novosibirsk and Tomsk regions, Krasnoyarsk Territory.

According to him, every sixth source of drinking and domestic water supply does not meet sanitary standards. The situation is aggravated by the need to modernize water pipelines. In addition, in the southern regions of Siberia, the threat of transboundary pollution of water bodies has intensified, Patrushev pointed out.

The secretary of the Security Council called man-made accidents one of the most acute problems. He pointed out that the modernization of production assets in Siberia is proceeding too slowly to ensure industrial safety.

In December, the Ministry of Natural Resources announced that 4 trillion rubles would be allocated for environmental projects by 2024, the state would invest 700 billion, and the rest was planned to be attracted from extra-budgetary sources. It is expected that thanks to the implementation of the Clean Air project, in three to four years the air in Russia will become better: the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere in 12 industrial cities will decrease by 20%.

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