Outerwear manufacturer campaigns with its shorts

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California-based outerwear company Patagonia doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to the upcoming elections. Without making too much noise, the company put on the back of the labels of its recently launched organic fiber shorts for men and women this kind of admonition: “Don’t vote for those asses!”

“We’ve been against climate change deniers almost as soon as we started making these shorts, which first went on sale in 1973,” said company spokeswoman Tessa Byers. However, Byers denied that the label was directed against the current federal administration.

“She refers to politicians from both parties who deny or ignore the scientifically proven fact of an evolving climate crisis, as their pockets are filled with money from companies interested in oil and gas production,” explained Byers.

Founder Yvon Shunard in 2017 called President Trump’s administration “evil incarnate.” The next year, when companies cut taxes by $ 10 million as a result of Trump’s financial reform, the money was donated to various environmental projects.

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