Orlov: “Semak lacks a whip”

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The well-known TV commentator Gennady Orlov expressed his opinion about the state of Zenit, Sergei Semak and the possibility of his resignation in the period of Zenit’s failures. According to the master, the resignation of Sergei Semak from the post of head coach of the blue-white-blue was not even considered by the club’s management. Even if the team had lost the last two matches, the question of removing the coach would not have been raised.

“All the same, no one would have removed Semak. Still, in Zenit the leadership is less exotic … No, there is another word. Not so impulsive! This refers to “Spartak”. You understand. At Zenit, the management has long understood: if you say goodbye to the coach, too much needs to be rebuilt. So we need to be more careful with this question “, – said Gennady Orlov in an interview with Sport-Express.

Gennady Orlov calls Semak a “new wave coach” and compares it to Atalanta’s head coach Gasperini. Both work through consciousness, only the players of the club from Bergamo understand how to play.

“Due to their youth, the players are playful. We have this all the time – mischievous! “– said Orlov.

According to the TV commentator, Sergei Semak “understands everything with his mind”, he is not a dictator, he wants to work “through consciousness.” But, like any coach, he has traits that need to get rid of.

“Semak is very private. He is very even, – said Orlov. – It is clear that he is a trainer of the new wave, a European person, a humanitarian … In my Soviet opinion, he lacks a whip! “

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