Organic Herbs – Grow Herbs Organically in 3 Easy Steps

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If you are a cook or a chef, or just simply enjoy tasty food that is seasoned with herbs, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to begin to grow your own herbs. At the local supermarket, purchasing herbs on a regular basis, especially if you use them frequently, can be very expensive. However, with a simple plan of action, and a few solid tips, you can begin to grow your own organically grown herbs in the comfort of your home or outside if you have the space to do so. Here are three easy steps that you can take in order to begin growing organic herbs without all of the hassle and price when buying them at your local store.

First of all, you will need a few things in order to begin. You can purchase most of these things and use them for years without needing to invest again or at least for some time. Other things must be purchased on a regular basis and they are low cost, especially when compared against the yields that you will have from your organic herbs that will be grown in a natural and healthy way.

You will of course need some organic fertilizer. This can be purchased at your local nursery or if you are an avid gardener already, or someone that does worm composting on the side, you can use some of your freshly produced organic fertilizer for this process. In fact, it would be better if you make the fertilizer yourself as homegrown compost seems to work much better for most people.

If you do not have your own compost pile in your backyard, but you do not want to buy non organic fertilizer, you should probably begin this process well before the planting season begins. The process that I am talking about is creating a compost pile or buying a compost bin so that you can begin to utilize the natural chemical processes that will occur via the composting process or you can procure some red worms and place them in a bin specifically designed for vermicomposting in order for the worms to begin creating compost for you.

Another possibility is that you can use what are called fish emulsions as an alternative to the composting process or purchasing compost outright. Fish emulsions are also a product that you can purchase from almost any horticulture resource or online store and have it sent to your home in no time at all.

You will also need some planting containers, a couple of watering cans that you can use to water your herbal crops, a soil scoop or gardeners hand fork, some mulch and of course the herb seed you are going to use in order to grow the organic herbs of your choice.

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Before planting, also realize that some herbs are in dire need of sunlight on an almost full time basis whereas others prefer partial shade. Also, some herbs are suitable for growing in small pots that you can sit in your windowsill whereas others prefer to be planted in larger containers. Your other alternative is to plant them in the natural environment outside but that of course depends upon where you live and the climate that is best suited for each plant. So whether you are growing basil, chives, or parsley, make sure that the place that you will be growing them is best suited for their optimal growth.

The next thing you must do is mix your soil. By taking soil from the ground perhaps from an old garden area and placing it in the pots, you will now need to mix in your fertilizer in the form of compost from either your compost pile or the worm bin, or if you decided to purchase something else such as fish emulsion, simply mix that according to directions into water in order to get the proper mix for your herbal plants to grow. Most herbs prefer to be slightly undernourished than overfertilized.

Once done, plant each of your seeds and make sure that you label what each one is. Make sure that you place each pot or container in the appropriate area so that each herb receives the proper amounts of sunlight once it begins to grow as well as the correct seed germinating temperature. This process to prepare your herb garden should take just a few hours depending upon how many herbs you are deciding to grow and how long it takes you to mix your soil for each potting container. You should also check on the pH of the soil in order to determine if it has the proper balance. There are many pH testing tools that you can purchase on the cheap that will ensure that the acidic and base levels are at the proper level. Most herbs prefer a slightly acidic ph to grow in.

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