Organic Herb Gardening, Grow Herbs Organically

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Organic herb gardening, for those who don’t have enough time to devote to the garden or maybe you are a new gardener, is the garden to start with. If you have a small area, then an organic herb garden is ideal as it need not take up much room. Organic Herb gardening is a popular hobby and is so simple and easy to do, the children can get involved and grow to love gardening.

Herb Gardening Organically

As a hobby of herb gardening, the organic way gives you a way to use what you have grown in your favorite recipes and add great flavors. You will find that organic herb gardening supplies are not expensive and your local garden center will have everything you need to get started. Herbs are so easy to grow and can be very rewarding for the home hobby gardener. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to go out into our own gardens and pick something so fresh to add to our favorite dishes. With organic herb gardening what is planted can be used so well and the organic type of gardening is much healthier.

Herbs And What To Grow

Herbs have so much value, they are not just aesthetic, although herbs will add a wonderful fragrance to the gardens. There are several types of herbs that you can grow, why not start with the varieties for a particular type of cooking like, Italian or Thai.

These types of herbs are called culinary herbs. Why not research the different types of herbs that can be grown in your area.

Once you start using your homegrown herbs, from your very own organic herb garden, there will be such a difference in the flavor they add to your cooking that you will never want to use the dried herbs again. That is unless they are the dried herbs that you have dried yourself, as these taste so different from the commercial ones you buy in the grocery stores.

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Herb Plants

If you start with the herb seeds, make sure you read the instructions on the packet first and follow them. Some seeds can be sown directly where they are to grow, others need to be raised in seedbeds and planted out later when they are a certain size.

Organic herb plants are easy to take care of and are not bothered by too many pests. The mint variety should not be planted out into a garden as it will become almost like a weed and take over everything.

But by all means, plant mint in a pot, I would plant all types of mint in pots, regardless of their variety. Organic herb plants can be grown in a window box, all types of containers, amongst other plants and flowers. Make sure that wherever you plant your herbs they have the right growing and soil conditions and of course, drainage. These organic herb plants have so many options for you, use fresh, dried, or extract the oils. Oils from herbs have so many uses.

Organic herb gardening is all about growing herbs using the same methods as for organic farming. Organic herb gardening can be less expensive than other methods. The key to being successful with organic herb gardening is working with nature, this is better for you, your family, and your pets. There is plenty of information today on how to treat common garden pests organically.

Much of this information can be found on the Internet with recipes for getting rid of different types of pests and these recipes can be made with products you may already have in your pantry and all helpful to the environment.

When you garden, your compost bin becomes your best friend, sounds strange I know, but once you get into organic gardening, it will become so clear. For the organic gardener, there is nothing like a good compost bin.

If you are a person who likes to keep up with what is happening around you, then get into organic herb gardening as using fresh herbs in your cooking is just so “in” as people are finding out how much of a difference they make to our cooking.

So if you want to use herbs for cooking, medicinal, or even the wonderful aromatic value they have, then get your organic herb gardening started. Not only is it a great hobby but once you get into herbs there is such a wide variety to learn about, it can be such a fascinating pastime

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