Trend ahead for the CBD Packaging in 2021

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Over time, marijuana has become popular in more than half of U.S states and is expected to grow. It is true for both recreational and medical cannabis. This wave has led hundreds of businesses to step into this segment making it more competitive. Most of the brands go for specialized designs to create their CBD packaging. However, to make your brand more attractive for the consumers, it is necessary to align with the market trends and customer preferences. The year 2020 has brought a couple of amazing trends and variations in the cannabis packaging design. If you have decided to step into the CBD business or join hands with a cannabis manufacturer, you need to go for an up-to-date interpretation to create a perfectly designed packaging according to the latest market trends. Here are some of the amazing trends ahead for CBD packaging in 2020:

Leafy Imagery:

The pointed leafy image might seem common but it’s the most effective way to make your CBD product identifiable in a retail store. Several brands today prefer using the cannabis leaf in their logo and packaging design, but they implement it with a twist. You may design also a logo that uses a stylized version of the leaf. Go for attractive colors or be playful with other elements to modernize the design while playing with the familiar theme.

Green in Color and Ethos:

Over time, society is becoming more conscious about the impact generated by our activities on the environment. Especially, cannabis users appreciate the products that have been manufactured and packaged by using natural sources. This has given rise to organic trend makes cannabis products more up to date. The use of muted greens and browns indicate how natural your CBD products are. We may also see logos and patterns designed in a similar way to give the brand a good distinction industry-wide.

A Focus on Health:

Medical marijuana is currently being more accepted than recreational marijuana with more business opportunities. Due to this high growth perspective, various brands are tapping into the medicinal properties of their cannabis products. This has given rise to the trend of using medical or pharmaceutical symbols or colors to legitimate their business and make this segment more appealing for the customers.


Taking a minimalist approach to design your CBD packaging can give amazing results to your business. It gives a more stylish and contemporary display to your products. Clean, elegant, and simple designs match the theme of relaxation and meditation; bringing your brand to a new era of serenity. These designs can look different and more appealing than the ones created by using excessive colors and bold printing patterns. This trend has been currently followed by several CBD packaging companies to make a brand stand out. The use of a simple and creative logo can do much in this regard. It does not only make your brand more memorable but also helps in highlighting your products in the marketplace among a group of similar offerings. Although colorful packaging may also appeal to a new type of consumer, black-n-white or minimal packaging designs create a broader appeal to attract the masses. They indicate the customers about the good quality of your brand. Let us take the example of this CBD oil packaging. The box is designed adorable by using natural colors against a white background to give a mesmerizing display.

Playing with Stereotypes:

Another latest trend seen in the year 2020 is the use of stereotypes. Although most of the cannabis packaging designs are inclined more towards elegant and simple looks, the manufacturers of recreational marijuana have started designing packaging that pokes fun. It may involve clever use of words or play with the old counterculture. Stereotypes are used especially to design the packaging for recreational cannabis. Adding a bit of humor and creativity is an amazing way to make your brand stand out from the growing competition.

Multi-Color Palette:

Another interesting trend is to use a pleasing family of colors. As cannabis products are manufactured in a variety of flavors and tastes, this provides a good opportunity for the brands to be playful with an array of colors to differentiate every product. Use the same label design but go for a color change across your product line. It is an effective way to add to the visual appeal as well as show the customers that your brand offers multiple options.

Eco-Friendly Packaging:

As cannabis is itself organic and natural, therefore its manufacturers try to incorporate this fact in its packaging too. Using eco-friendly material is the best way to address the consumers’ concern about the environment. Sustainability was in practice for several years but in 2020 it has become a rising trend especially when it comes to cannabis packaging. Four important factors ensuring sustainability are reducing the waste, using natural material, cutting your carbon footprints, and creating non-toxic packages. Eco-friendly packaging offers a series of benefits to businesses. It gives a sleeker, elegant display, and proves more practical and affordable to use. Moreover, customers love the packaging that generates minimal waste. These eco-friendly boxes are easy to recycle and durable enough to ensure a safe shipment. Sustainable materials like glass, recycled cardstock, hemp, and cotton are becoming trendy in this regard. Hemp-based sacs and cardboard boxes are growing in popularity especially for recreational cannabis packaging. Green or blue glass bottles are not only sustainable but also offer natural UV filtering. The trend is moving further to non-toxic design methods to create cannabis packaging. Plant-based dyes, biodegradable adhesives, and eco-friendly printing methods are all being implemented as sustainable practices.

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