Oppositionists in Kyrgyzstan want new government and commandant of Bishkek

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The political parties of Kyrgyzstan that lost the elections intend to form a people’s government and elect a new prime minister. This statement was made by the leader of the opposition Ata-Meken (Motherland) party Zhanar Akayev at a rally on Tuesday night.

“The task of the government and the prime minister will be to hold new elections that will be clean and transparent,” the politician told local media.

Ata-Meken candidate for deputy Tilek Toktogaziev believes that the Birimdik, Mekenim Kyrgyzstan and Kyrgyzstan parties, which, in his opinion, are pro-government, should not be allowed to power. He is also confident that even their members should be deprived of the right to hold any government positions.

The opposition parties plan to appoint a commandant of Bishkek, as well as to form people’s guards to ensure order in the city. Oppositionists noted that the protesters did not organize looting and pogroms.

In addition to the ex-president of the country, Almazbek Atambayev, released from SIZI, former parliamentarian Sadyr Zhaparov, released from the colony, where he was serving a sentence on charges of taking a hostage, was also at large.

The protesters chanted: “Japarov is the president,” but he was unable to speak due to the general confusion.

The audience is waiting for the speech of former President Almazbek Atambayev.

Parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan were held on October 4. 16 parties took part in them, only four were elected to parliament: “Birimdik” – 24.5%, “Mekenim Kyryzstan” – 23.88%, Kyrgyzstan – 8.76%, “Butun Kyrgyzstan” – 7.13%.

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