The expert told about the way to prevent unauthorized logging into WhatsApp

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In order for no one to be able to log into your WhatsApp account, you should set a password for access to the device, set up two-factor authentication for this messenger, and also not give your gadget to anyone, an analyst-researcher of digital products of Roskachestvo told the Prime agency Elvina Nasibulina.

According to her, “theoretically, there is a possibility of espionage,” if the user left the phone unattended, and the attacker scanned a special QR code in the desktop version of the application using it.

The expert also recommends checking the current connections. This can be done using the settings in the mobile application under WhatsApp Web / Desktop. If there are suspicious or unnecessary connections there, you must end all sessions.

“It is also recommended that you enable security alerts that are inactive by default. If any of your interlocutors change the encryption keys (for example, if hackers hacked him or changed his phone number), you will receive a notification about this, ”Nasibulina concluded.

In September, it was reported that the developers of WhatsApp intend to add to it the function of simultaneously connecting multiple devices to one account.

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