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What is Islam?

Islam is one of the great monotheistic religions that exist today. It is based on the Koran or Quran, a holy book of the Muslim religion. It establishes the premise that “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The followers of this religion, consider the Prophet Muhammad (can also be recognized as Prophet Muhammad) as the last of the prophets, and the one who seals the Prophecy.

One of the five pillars of Islam is the fulfillment of the Ramadan holy month of fasting, and the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Another pillar is the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This is the most sacred city for Muslims.

Learn about the Pillars of Islam 

Through this course, you can learn the Arabic alphabet, learn the sacred texts, and introduce you to the way of life of the Muslim community. Studies the Sharia (Islamic law) and the Sunnah. This Arabic word, which indicates a “lifestyle” or “habit” is a collection of texts chronicling the lifestyle of the prophet and defines the basis of the Islamic religion. It is a guide for life and a source of God’s teaching. You can also learn about the traditions that continue to be respected today, such as the use of the Hijab.

Online courses in the Islamic religion

Taking Arabic classes at the time and place you prefer. Seize the time it gives you isolation by the Coronavirus to learn about religion second largest in the world and the largest in the Middle East; followed by Hinduism.


In Quran online academy, you can find online courses.


Build a career in Social Sciences and Islamic Culture

By learning the Arabic language and the pillars of the Islamic culture, you can open your mind to the knowledge of one of the major religions; since it is estimated that 25% of the world population is Muslim. You can add knowledge of theology, introducing you to the field of education as well as collaborate with human rights organizations or the Islamic center in your area.

Whether you dream of memorizing the

whole Quran ( Hifz ), or part of it, or you simply want to only learn

how to recite Quran properly ( Tilawwah & Tajweed ),

“Innovative Quran LMS” desktop software, & its mobile app version “Quran

Online academy” is the most Modern & Innovative programs especially to

help you study the Holy Quran at your own home, at your own pace over the

internet either alone: where you use our tools to guide you to learn on your

own “Self-Study” or under the guidance and supervision of a


qualified Quran Teacher “Teacher-Supervised study”

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