A dark farce that could go wrong

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Donald Trump and his loyal supporters continue to entertain the fiction of a possible reversal of the presidential election. It doesn’t bode well.

Of all the predictions made before the election, there is one that I am not afraid to highlight: Donald Trump had announced that he would challenge the results in case of defeat and it was easy to predict the dismal failure that would follow. unfolds before us.

It was obvious that Donald Trump could not be successful, but he still persists and his ability to deny reality seems to be matched only by his bad faith.

Trump stays the course

Tuesday was “safe harbor day,” the day when, under federal law, state-approved voters lists become irrevocable.

It is now impossible to reverse the results, but the president still continues to maintain the illusion that he can still prevail, with the obvious aim of extracting the maximum amount of funds from his supporters.

His “Save America PAC” has raised over $ 200 million since the election and the money continues to flow.

Pathetic efforts

Very few Republicans, like Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, rise up against this desire to reverse the will of voters and call on their supporters to turn the page. However, they have the impression of preaching in the desert.

Most Republicans are shamefully silent about the President’s actions. Others add more to attract his favors or not to alienate his unconditional supporters.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a Supreme Court lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which most legal analysts consider futile at best. Some say Paxton is looking to show off in front of Trump because he faces fraud charges he wouldn’t hate to see erased by a presidential pardon. Who would be surprised?

Like the fifty or so other legal actions brought by Trump’s legal “all-star team,” under the incredible leadership of Rudy Giuliani, these pathetic efforts to overthrow the will of the electorate will fail.

Uncertain continuation

Donald Trump has managed to make half of Republicans believe that he has a chance to stay in office and, among them, there are crackpots ready to do anything to support him. They have already demonstrated this by intimidating politicians who refuse to scuttle the will of the voters.

What will these supporters, pumped up by Trump’s harangues, do when they are caught up with reality? Will the crazed carry out their threats of violence or will they just send their savings to Trump and bellow on social media?

Will Republicans find the courage to tell Trump that this dark farce has gone on long enough and it’s time to sneak away before things turn sour? In the absence of a massive spinal column transplant in the Republican camp, one can doubt it.

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