Ohio proposed to make Trump’s birthday a weekend in the state

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Ohio Republican lawmakers John Cross and Reggie Stolzfuss have proposed declaring the birthday of former US President Donald Trump, June 14, an annual public holiday. This was reported on February 3 by CNN.

In a memorandum sent out, members of the House of Representatives stressed that Trump has brought the country “to unprecedented prosperity.” In addition, they pointed to the record number (more than 3.15 million) of votes in Ohio, received by the former head of state in the past presidential election.

“The Ohio House of Representatives considers it necessary to set aside a day to honor one of the greatest presidents in American history,” the letter said.

The US presidential election took place on November 3. Trump won the state of Ohio and earned 18 electoral votes. However, he did not get the 270 votes required to maintain the presidency.

The former head of the White House has repeatedly stated that the elections were held with numerous violations and falsifications in favor of the Democrats, and also tried to challenge the results of the vote in court.

The US Congress approved the election of Democrat Joe Biden as President of the United States on January 7. His inauguration took place on January 20.

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