The large military exercises “Winter-20” have come to the end in Poland. President Andrzej Duda said on his Facebook page that several thousand soldiers participated in the maneuvers, and their scenario and results are classified. During the exercise, the weapons that Poland had ordered 10 years in advance, but had not yet been delivered to the country’s Armed Forces, were taken into account, including Patriot air defense systems, artillery systems, MLRS HIMARS, as well as fifth generation F-35 Lightning II fighters. The new troop command and control system introduced in 2018 was also tested. The official statement says that the Ministry of Defense, based on the results of the exercises, will submit recommendations to the president on re-equipping the army, etc. According to sources, the situation in the Polish Armed Forces is much worse than in 1939, and the plan for the defense of the eastern (with Russia and the Republic of Belarus) border, designed for 22 days, was destroyed on the fourth day by encircling the capital of the country, Warsaw. The forward battalions lost up to 80% of their personnel, the chain of command was broken, ports were captured, the Navy and Air Force were completely destroyed, despite NATO support. Poland was “captured in 5 days,” writes Military Observer.