Nutritionist taught to distinguish noble mold on cheese from dangerous

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Nutritionist, gastroenterologist, culinary blogger Nuria Dianova said that the special types of mold used to make cheese do not harm the body.

However, people much more often have to deal with mold that has spontaneously grown on food, which should not enter the body, the specialist noted in an interview with Sputnik radio.

“For those who have a strong gastrointestinal tract, everything will cost a little relaxation. But the child’s body, any mold can either allergize or lead to severe diarrhea. There may be skin manifestations. And then a person will react to all such products like kefir, cheeses with noble mold, ”Dianova noted.

Mold is immediately visible on bread, cheese, fruits, sausages. But in order to detect white mold on bottled fermented milk products, it is better not to shake them before opening and see if there is mold on the lid. But there is mold, which is generally impossible to notice, so it is better to store food in the open form and outside the refrigerator no longer than two hours, the doctor advises.

At the same time, one of the main tips that will help you avoid eating spoiled foods is to buy as much as you need and not to make too many stocks.

“It’s better to buy more often, but just a little. It is correct to store food in the refrigerator, not to buy large stocks, ”the specialist emphasized.

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