Nutritionist named the ideal fall weight loss product

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In mid-September, pumpkins begin to ripen in Russia, they can become an ideal product for losing weight in the fall and early winter, said the director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietetics and Diet Therapy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Mikhail Ginzburg, in an interview with Sputnik radio.

According to him, this vegetable combines several positive qualities. It is tasty, satisfying and low in calories at the same time.

“There are not many such products. Usually, everything tasty also has a high calorie content, sugar, fat content, and pumpkin is a pleasant exception. There are few calories in it, and there is quite a lot of satiety due to the fibrous structure in it. And, of course, pumpkin is a delicious product, ”the specialist explained.

He noted that if you introduce pumpkins into your diet, then the calorie content of the diet will decrease, and this is what is necessary for losing weight.

At the same time, Ginzburg emphasized that pumpkin cannot be considered a panacea for excess weight and that a mono-diet cannot be built on it alone.

“I am not a supporter of such a diet. It is very poorly tolerated, since pumpkin, like other plant products, contains all sorts of organic acids that irritate the stomach and increase appetite. There is also a nutritional deficiency, since pumpkin naturally lacks animal protein. And the main point: as soon as you stop this diet, the weight will go up, ”the specialist warned.

In July, Australian nutritionist Liana Ward named six habits for successfully losing weight and maintaining your desired weight. First of all, she advised to stop seizing stress, boredom or sadness.

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